Infinity Plus One

by Purple Rhapsody

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Terry Robinson, the man behind Purple Rhapsody, has always had a fascination with mathematical concepts - or at least so it seems. When you look at the back catalogue and see the fractal images present on the covers of Transient Emotions and Fractal Landscapes (and the 25 minute fractally inspired title track), and then realise that this latest release is inspired by the concept of infinity you might worry that the music would be too clinical. Well, there's no need to worry... the music on Infinity Plus One is anything but clinical! When asked about his inspiration this is what Terry said: "Although infinity is a mathematical concept the inspiration for this album was more about the feelings that arose in me when contemplating the infinite. I mean, how can the human mind even begin to grasp the enormity of our universe, or how many atomic particles there are in all the grains of sand on the world's beaches. It's huge, and it often makes me feel very insignifacnt indeed."

Over half of the album is taken up by one piece of music (although it is split into 9 parts), called Infinity. It begins with a choir and powerful electric guitars and then proceeds to take you on a journey through quiet contemplative moments, intricate orchestral movements, and powerfully moving epiphanies. This may sound a bit overly bombastic however this isn't the case. Careful listeners will also notice that there are themes and ideas that come back into the music in different ways time and again throughout the Infinity piece - sometimes immediately obvious but more often just adding a hint of harmony throughout the track.

The rest of the album is made up of 4 tracks - each with its own flavour of the grandeur of infinity. Special mention must be made of the album's final track, Möbius, which is possibly the most accomplished track to date - with its combination of electric guitars, piano, bass guitar, a full orchestra, a choir, and even some anvils!

All in all this is a must buy for any fan of instrumental music - and even if your tastes run to traditional 3 minute songs there's a good chance that something on here will grab your fancy!

The cover image photograph was taken by Sara P. Robinson, Terry's wife... bloody marvellous isnt' it?


released February 15, 2012

All tracks written, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced by Terry Robinson.



all rights reserved


Purple Rhapsody Manchester, UK

I'm Terry Robinson and I'm a multi-instrumentalist and composer working under the pseudonym Purple Rhapsody.

All of my music is instrumental and ranges from piano solo to full-on instrumental progressive rock via mixtures of orchestral instruments and other off-beat arrangements.

However, whichever style is prevalent in a track, all tracks have a "feel" that is distinctly Purple Rhapsody!
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